PTA Forms, Bylaws, and Policies


Treasury Forms

A PTA Check Request Form must be completed for each PTA check request and submitted to the Treasurer.


PTA Deposit Form must be submitted to the Treasurer with all cash and checks that are to be deposited to the PTA bank account.  All cash and checks must be submitted to the Treasurer within 48 hours of the conclusion of the event.



In July 2021, the VA PTA changed the process for local PTA bylaws. We now have local unit uniform bylaws, along with a PTA-specific organizational structure.

Media Policy

The PTA uses a variety of media publications to encourage community spirit and interaction, and to recognize students and their achievements. All students may have the opportunity to be included in these publications. Any student who has an opt-out form signed and submitted to the Cunningham Park Elementary School office prior to October 1 of the current school year will not be included. If a student’s opt-out election changes after October 1, it is the guardian’s responsibility to notify the PTA at We utilize the following media platforms to distribute general information about school and PTA news, meetings, special events, and community news:


  • PTA Website: The PTA maintains a public website (link:
  • Facebook: The PTA maintains a public Facebook presence (link:  Additionally, there are private Facebook Groups that are initially set-up by the PTA, but are not managed by the PTA on an on-going basis. Members of the private Facebook Group self-moderate their Group.  These private Groups continue after students matriculate from CPES. Any member may opt-in/out at any time;
  • PTA Email Newsletter: The PTA sends a weekly newsletter to subscribers via email (link: How to Subscribe to the PTA Newsletter); and
  • Yearbook: Annual yearbook that includes photos and names of students.

Online Directory

Online Directory: The online directory information is controlled by the user by means of the Directory and Publish Preferences form (link: Directory & Publish Preferences). You may update your publishing preferences at any time. In addition, the PTA limits access to the online directory to verified members of our school’s community (parents/guardians and faculty).



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