2020 Cardinal Campaign 

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Announcing: the CPES PTA 2020 Cardinal Campaign:

#Connected Learning

The CPES PTA Cardinal Campaign is our primary source of fundraising. Each year, donations from Cunningham Park families and friends help fund the numerous programs the PTA sponsors. It is because of your support of our PTA that we are able to provide community events, assemblies, after-school activities, school technology and books. Unlike other fundraisers during which children need to sell something, 100% of all funds from the Cardinal Campaign support Cunningham Park Elementary School PTA.


This year, in addition to funding our core PTA events and programs, we want to help teachers take 2020-2021 #Connected Learning to the next level by upgrading our classroom technology! Document cameras, smart phone tripods, laptop risers and other cutting edge tools like these will help our teachers easily connect with our children whether they’re virtual, hybrid, or in the future, back to full-time in-person learning! These tools allow teachers to easily share text, demonstrate hands-on projects, and project materials from multiple angles. Not only are these helpful in our current state of virtual learning, but they can easily be translated to in-person learning where teachers can use them in conjunction with other technology already in the classroom. To see these cutting-edge tools in actions, check out these videos that demonstrate how our teachers are starting to use document cameras already, and the impact that the smartphone tripod can have on the experience




Our teachers were handed a challenge this year, and they are facing it head on. Let’s help our Cardinal community soar through this unusual year by providing items to make connecting easier. To fund all our amazing programs and support our teachers with these tools and resources, we hope to raise $10,000.


If each family donates at the Branch Level, we will reach our fundraising goal and support our year of #Connected Learning! Similar to other fundraisers, please share this campaign with your close family and friends and ask if they would like to make a tax-deductible donation in support of our school.

















Please choose the level that works best for your family.  All donations to the CPES PTA, including the Cardinal Campaign, are tax deductible, and a donation receipt will be provided after your contribution is received. 


Need even more reason to give? We have got contests!


Similar to other fundraisers, we hope that you will share this with close family and friends and ask if they would like to make a tax-deductible donation to support our school.  Here is a sample email that you can copy, customize and send asking for their support.


Additionally, donations may be eligible for corporate matching.  If your employer matches, please consider requesting a match for your Cardinal Campaign donation. Our EIN is 54-1557308. We have a Silver certification with GuideStar and are also recognized by Benevity. If your company works with a different vendor, please email Jen McCarry and we'll work to gain recognition with them, too.


On behalf of the students, teachers, staff, and PTA, thank you in advance for your support of our amazing school! 

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If you have any questions about the Cardinal Campaign, please email Jen McCarry.





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