How to Subscribe to the PTA Newsletter...

... emails and all other FCPS News You Choose emails. Our PTA uses the FCPS govDelivery system to email the newsletter to all CPES families, regardless of PTA membership, just as you receive the Cardinal’s Message from the principal.


This page has step-by-step instructions on how to subscribe and check your preferences, or you may watch the FCPS video on the same subject. After you review and submit your subscription be sure to check your "subscriber preferences" are set for immediate delivery to ensure receipt in a timely manner.


Subscribe or Update Now

or Step-by-step Instructions


1. From your browser, go to your "FCPS News You Choose," settings by:


2. Enter your email address and click submit.

3. Scroll down to Cunningham Park Elementary School and click the + sign to expand your choices. Note: from here you may also check your "subscriber preferences" mentioned in step 6.


4. Select your newsletters.


5. Scroll to the bottom, click submit to save your choices.


6. From the next screen can go to "subscriber preferences" where you can verify your email address, subscriptions, and the frequency your receive the emails:



7. Select the middle Preferences tab.


8. Scroll down to Email Preferences. We strongly recommend choosing the first option of "Send updates immediately by email.


9. Scroll to the bottom, click submit to save your choices.


 Video Instructions

FCPS Video "How To Subscribe to FCPS News You Choose Emails" for how to subscribe to Fairfax County Public Schools News You Choose emails and texts, as well as sign up for CPES Cardinal News from the principal, PTA News Letter, School Board emails, and more.






Food for Students

Nutritious Sac Lunch

IMPORTANT: Families must submit an application and be approved to be eligible for free and reduced-price meals for the 2022-23 school year. 

The application for the Free and Reduced-Price Meal program is now available online.

IMPORTANTE: Las familias deben presentar una solicitud y ser aprobadas para ser elegibles para recibir comidas gratuitas o de precio reducido para el año escolar 2022-23.

La solicitud para el programa de Comidas Gratis ya Precio Reducido ya está disponible en línea.


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