Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books is sponsored by the CPES Library. This page is available as a courtesy to the library.


Reading can be fun and a tad competitive!

  • Book Clubs will meet every Friday, 8:00-8:30 am in the library
  • We will have book clubs weekly to discuss one book each week.
  • ANYONE can join us for book club, if they have read the book.
  • Beginning in February, we will start to practice Battle and host Battle lunches for those students who cannot come to morning practices.
  • The Battle takes place, Thursday, March 31st live and in-person!

More details are available in the Library Google classroom, or you may email Ms. Brinkhuis with questions.


2021-2022 Battle of the Books List


1. Alex Rider, book 1: Stormbreaker / Anthony Horowitz

Alex Rider's world is turned upside down when he discovers that his uncle and guardian has been murdered. The 14-year-old makes one discovery after another until he is sucked into his uncle's undercover world. The Special Operations Division of M16, his uncle's real employer, blackmails the teen into serving England. After two short weeks of training, Alex is equipped with several special toys like a Game Boy with unique cartridges that allow it to scan, fax, and emit smoke bombs. Alex's mission is to complete his uncle's last assignment, to discover the secret that Herod Sayle is hiding behind his generous donation of one of his supercomputers to every school in the country.


2. Keeper of the Lost Cities / Shannon Messenger

Twelve-year-old telepathic prodigy Sophie learns that she is actually an elf. Thrust into unfamiliar elven society, she investigates her origins and the deadly fires sweeping the human world. Combining a classic fish-out-of-water school story with copious fantastical hijinks, this debut novel presents its sympathetic protagonist with layered conflicts, a compelling yearning for home, and a fully realized alternate world to explore.

3. Bouncing Back / Scott Ostler

Thirteen-year-old Carlos was considered "Cooper the Hooper" after dominating the basketball court until a car accident left him paralyzed. He reluctantly joins a wheelchair-basketball team and is soon caught up in the positive competitive spirit despite no longer being the best. Then the villainous mayor decides to shut down the gym, effectively ending Carlos' basketball career. With the help of his family and friends, Carlos works to save his gym and help take his team to the state championship.


4. Wild Robot/ Peter Brown

When a robot named Roz washes ashore after a hurricane, she's alone and confused. She realizes she'll need to learn from the animals who inhabit the remote island if she's going to survive. Although the animals are initially frightened by this stranger they think might be a monster, they see Roz care for an orphaned gosling and decide to help her. “A logic-driven robot provides the perfect way to objectively observe nature's order … Readers will take a shine to Roz, and an open ending leaves room for more robot adventures” in The Wild Robot Returns.


5. When Stars are Scattered / Victoria Jamieson and Omar Mohamed

Based on the experiences of a Somalian refugee, this full-color graphic novel depicts the experiences of one orphan's life, living in a camp and resettling to America. Omar and his brother Hassan have been living in a Kenyon refugee camp since they fled their village in

Somalia, where their father was killed and they were separated from their mother. Cared for by a widow who also lost her family, Omar describes the boredom of nothing to do and the joys of caring for Hassan, who is nonverbal. Omar agrees to attend school, which may increase his chances of resettling to another country, but worries over leaving his brother each day. When the pair finally arrive in America, Omar is eleven and must face another set of difficulties acclimating to a new culture. Includes an afterward explaining more details about Omar's life.


6. Scary Stories for Young Foxes / Christian Heidicker

A group of fox kits go in hunt for the famous storytelling fox and they find her! But, the tales she tells are scary, even for the bravest of young foxes. The book contains 8 tales about two young foxes who encounter every challenge imaginable.


7. Prairie Lotus / Linda Sue Park

In 1880, fourteen-year-old Hanna and her father move to the frontier town of LaForge, where Hanna hopes they can finally put down permanent roots. Since her mother's death three years earlier, Hanna and her father have traveled from town to town, trying to find a place they will be accepted. Will LaForge be the place where Hanna can finally go to school and make friends? Or will they have to leave just like every other place because the townspeople are afraid of a girl who is half Chinese? At moments stingingly painful and ultimately triumphant, this story will cause readers to look at frontier life with a new set of eyes.


8. City of Ember / Jean Dupreau

More than 200 years after an unspecified holocaust, the residents of Ember have lost all knowledge of anything beyond the area illuminated by the floodlamps on their buildings. The anxiety level is high and rising, for despite relentless recycling, food and other supplies are running low, and the power failures that plunge the town into impenetrable darkness are becoming longer and more frequent. Then Lina, a young foot messenger, discovers a damaged document from the mysterious Builders that hints at a way out.


9. Ways to Make Sunshine / Renee Watson

Ryan Hart is navigating the fourth grade and all its challenges with determination. Her mom named her Ryan because it means “king,” and she wanted Ryan to feel powerful every time she heard her name; Ryan knows it means she is a leader. So when changes occur or disaster strikes, budding chef Ryan does her best to find the positive and “make sunshine.”

10. The Lion of Mars / Jennifer Holm

Eleven-year-old Bell is basically a normal kid—except for the fact that he lives on Mars. Bell is the youngest of the children in America’s Mars settlement. Life on Mars is pretty good; all the adults are caring, and although there are a lot of responsibilities, there are just a few strict rules, including a ban on contacting other nations’ settlements. The arrival

of a shipment of supplies from Earth is a cause for celebration, but soon the adults in the settlement begin getting deathly ill. Bell and the other children have to break the rules and seek out help before it’s too late for all of them.




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